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What is JoshuaBranch AS?
JoshuaBranch AS (JB-AS) is a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) component providing application security services such as user authentication and access control for your J2EE applications. It operates as a centralized security service that your applications can use throughout your enterprise.
To use JB-AS you simply install it on a central server. You then include the JB-AS Java client jar files in the projects that will use the service. Your projects can be deployed in any J2EE compliant server that is able to connect to the security service via the network.
You use the JB-AS Administrator web client to easily create users and define their access to application data and business operations using role-based security. Your applications never need to implement logic referencing roles or users, since this is defined by a security administrator (SA) using the JB-AS Administrator client. The SA can access the user-friendly JB-AS Administrator client with any web browser.
The applications simply query the security service to discover the access the current user has to data or business functions. The Java interface for developers to integrate with the security service is very simple so developers can focus on implementing business requirements instead of spending time on application security plumbing.
Benefits of JoshuaBranch AS
Top reasons to use JoshuaBranch AS:
  • Cost savings. You'll save a lot in development costs and time since coding of your application security requirements are practically complete in contrast to a custom developed solution that could cost you $20,000 to $100,000 per project. Since this dramatically cuts your development resource requirements for application security, you can complete your applications sooner.
  • Faster time-to-market. You can focus on developing your business requirements. User identity and access control is important; yet coding it can be a distraction for your in-house development staff from core business development. By dramatically reducing the time it takes to implement security requirements in your applications, you can get your applications out the door more quickly. Let JB-AS free your time so you can build your business.
  • Centralized user security management. You can centralize your user application security with JB-AS. This means that you can use one centralized list of users for all your applications, and be able to administrate their access to applications and their privileges via a unified administration front-end. Of course, you can deploy multiple JB-AS servers if you prefer less centralization.
  • Higher quality. Since JB-AS is already tested in production environments, you'll have quality on day one.
  • Dynamic security. JB-AS uses dynamic security. One benefit is that it reduces logic inside your applications since they do not need to be aware of concepts such as roles. The other benefit is that creating, changing, granting or revoking roles for users is accomplished via a user-friendly administrator client in a web browser. You can do this at any time in a project's life-cycle, with the option to permit the security administrator to create and manage user roles in production. In contrast, with static security, changes to roles require a new release of your application, and can lead to granting unnecessary privileges to end-users of your applications when the predefined roles don't address a user's needs.
  • Advanced security options. JB-AS offers many options to allow you to meet different types of user application security requirements. You have the option, for instance, of using user domains to isolate user access administration between various departments, organizations, customers or business partners.
  • Continuous improvement. You benefit from JB-AS upgrades as JB-AS grows to include the latest requirements of our customers. You will be able to use options that are often discarded on many projects due to the high cost of custom development. JB-AS is continuously improving to offer increased value at low cost.
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