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JoshuaBranch.com is a Cleveland, Ohio information solutions provider for enterprises utilizing application server technology.
JoshuaBranch AS (JB-AS) was created to offer a complete solution to user application security needs. Initially created for J2EE applications, future releases will be capable of supporting other client application platforms, including .NET, Perl, PHP and Python, through the use of web services.
Applications controlling access based on a user's login require user application security. Traditionally, this has been a significant cost of developing applications that enterprises accepted as necessary, although the plumbing to implement it rarely relates to the purpose or business objectives of the application. This creates an ideal opportunity for application security to be "outsourced" as a reusable corporate service, while adding all the benefits organizations have desired yet forgone due to internal time and budget constraints.
JB-AS propels the economic scale advantage even higher by building the quality and value that enterprises need today, while continuously building the application security capability for tomorrow. JB-AS is a rapidly growing product being developed by the diverse requirements of its customers.

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