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JoshuaBranch AS - Licenses

You can pick the license that is right for you today. All enterprise, site and server licenses come with unlimited application deployments (client instances), 1 year of e-mail support, and 1 year of free version upgrades.

For a limited time only, the Server, Site and Enterprise licenses include unlimited Developer Licenses.

To inquire or order a license, and begin to use JoshuaBranch AS today, contact sales.

Server License. $3,995.00
Permits one production server, usable by unlimited client applications. No CPU limit! For a limited time, includes unlimited developer licenses.

Site License. $9,995.00
Permits unlimited server instances at a single site. Includes unlimited developer licenses.

Enterprise License. $39,995.00
Permits unlimited server instances for a corporate entity. You can deploy unlimited server instances at any site owned by you, or hosted by third parties, so long as you own the client applications and receive any revenues generated by them.

Developer License. $99.00
Permits one developer to deploy and use the server for development purposes only. Requires Server, Site or Enterprise license to purchase.

Unlimited Developer License. $1,995.00
Permits unlimited developer licenses for a corporate entity.

Upgrade Server to Site License. $7,995.00

Upgrade Site to Enterprise License. $31,995.00

Source Code License. $4,995.00
Obtain and use source code for enterprise use. Requires Enterprise license to purchase.


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