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JoshuaBranch AS - Road Map

The following is a list of proposed features of JB-AS, and a general guide to which version of JB-AS may include each feature.

This list is not comprehensive. It focuses on major features and directions. There are countless other features to be developed in these versions not listed here.

This can change at any time, as it is not possible to guarantee what will be developed or when.

The primary driver behind the priorities for rolling out new features is you, and your business needs. Please be open and share your needs with us, and how you'd like to see JB-AS developed. Your input counts!

Release 1.4

  • Client Applications

    • Application Authentication. Permit increased capability for authenticated applications to perform tasks JB-AS Administrator performs today.

    • Secure Forms. Create data entry forms with built-in security.

  • Installation/Upgrade - Increased automation and ease.

  • Security - Increased password options.

  • User Interface - Improved JB-AS Administrator user controls.

Release 2.x

  • Administration

    • Delegation. Create security administrators limited to by domain, application or tasks.

    • Hierarchical roles. Roles can represent groups of other roles.

    • Security policy management. Increase control over centralized enterprise application security.

  • Authentication

    • LDAP authentication option.

    • Single sign-on option.

Release 3.x

  • Web services interface. Permit non-J2EE clients to use JB-AS.

  • .NET client interface. Enable .NET applications to easily use JB-AS.


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